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Custom automation for office and industry

Improved operations
reduce human errors and waste, and free employee hours for business development and innovation
Integrated User Experience
for customers and employees, accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device
of internal services, data and capacities through exposure of online services and APIs
Minimal Change
to established processes and thus lower change management friction and training expenses

We offer tailored modern solutions for business process management and automation, with particular focus on cloud-based deployment for the enterprise.

Business process
Identification and implementation of business processes that are not covered by systems currently deployed at customer's organization
of internal and external systems including physical devices (e.g. IoT sensors/controllers) to deliver automatic synchronization and interop, unified user interfaces and live monitoring
User interfaces
Get a modern UI that run on every device (mobile/desktop/web), and makes your services accessible anytime, anywhere in the world.
SaaS-style deployment
Deployment with one of the big cloud providers or on premises. No dependencies, only bare linux servers are required.
Proprietary enterprise application platform
Our platform was designed from scratch to meet common needs modern businesses require
Modern, responsive UI
Our applications are based on Material Design, a design language by Google
Single codebase for web and mobile (Android/iOS) applications
We develop the UI of the solution once to be run and updated on all platforms.
Connected data
We use a graph database (Neo4j) as a flexible and rich alternative to SQL and noSQL providing deep connectivity and insights into your data
Scalable solution
Your solution is ready to be scaled as your organization and traffic grow

We use Kacey, a modern scalable rapid application development framework built to speed up service delivery and deployment. By providing composable and extendable key building blocks (modules) that blend typical requirements of SaaS applications and enterprise software, Kacey lets us focus on customer-specific business process sooner.

The pricing structure follows typical IT services pricing breakdown into these main phases:

analysis of the business needs and processes, identification of roles and use cases, and detailed planning of the new service.
implementation phase. The nature of custom development suggests scope-based pricing, where scope is defined by the number of use cases and their complexity
Operation, support, maintenance and continuous improvement. This will include any external expenses required for service operation like the previous phase depend on complexity and the required SLA level.

We believe and are interested in mutually beneficial and profitable strategic cooperation with actors in B2B services space:

  • whose customers could benefit from our offering - though provision of complementary services or direct reference
  • in the vein of service complementarity as above, we offer forming consortia for shared participation in relevant government/commercial tenders
  • ...and are open to discuss other cooperation modes per your proposal.

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We'd love to learn more about your needs and ideas.

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